Longcastle Chess academy

What We Offer

Online Coaching

Take lessons online from our team of experienced chess coaches and FIDE rated players

Academy Coaching

Play chess and learn together with the members of the academy

Private coaching

We provide one-to-one coaching for the students, both offline and online so that they get undivided attention



We offer online coaching sessions for the students with audio-video conference. They are designed in such a way that the students can enhance their skills

Game Area

Play games online with other students in the academy anytime. Students can also play against the computer with various difficulty levels. Games are saved for analysis


Students can solve interactive quizzes by solving puzzles and MCQs. We keep track of their performance – puzzles solved, both right and wrong attempts, along with the time taken for each attempt


Students tournament games are shared to the coaches for quick access and detailed analysis


Students can play online Swiss, Quad, and Team tournaments. They can also play Simul chess against the coaches


We help our students learn from their mistakes by providing them with constant feedback with the help of our student reports and statistics

Who we are?

With the objective of providing children and aspiring chess players with professional chess coaching the Longcastle Chess Academy was started.

It is one of the leading academies  that provides school students, children and young players with professional chess coaching.

 We are actively producing chess champions and striving to keep the chess community strong and happy!

Mission: Our aim is to bring out the best from every chess player by respecting and nurturing their individual talents and interests. We strive to give individual attention to all the students and help them realize their potential.

Vision: Our vision is to develop chess and chess players by providing them with high quality chess education. We guide them with valuable lessons and discipline that will serve them in all aspects of life.

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